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Spiritual tour


Spiritual tour.

The tour has been designed as mixture of visiting spiritual places as well as spiritual activities.

Nature, yoga, silence, breathing techniques, meditation and understanding about technical and scientific aspect of  all spiritual activities mentioned above as well as of culture, religion, beliefs and faith are part of it.

We will try to adjust schedule and food also accordingly. It is also advisable to wear comfortable white outfit while doing spiritual activities.


As we know spirituality means something related to spirit - your inner being- the existence - spiritual world. It is all about experiencing, exploring and understanding the same.

Please also note it is more about let it happen instead of making it happen. It is more about witnessing whatever is happening instead of doing something. So your ideas, beliefs and expectations can be an obstacle. So please be easy, feel free, and don't expect something. The existence, peace,  knowlege, harmony  -  already prevails inside us and around us. We only need to recognise it and realise it. 

We can organise the tour for minimum 3 days to maximum 20 days according to your interesst